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The classification of diesel engines of diesel generators
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The classification of diesel engines of diesel generators?

First, the concept

Diesel generator is a generator unite which is composed of diesel-made compression ignition internal combustion engine and three-phase AC synchronous alternator and control system of the three parts.

Diesel generator is the use of air in the cylinder is compressed to the high temperature and pressure, so that injected into the cylinder of diesel spontaneous combustion, and expansion of the work of the internal combustion engine. With compact structure, the use of reliable, dynamic, economical and other technical indicators excellent, fast start, easy operation and easy maintenance and so on.

Second, the classification of internal combustion engines

Internal combustion engine: gasoline engine, diesel engine, coal gas machine, gas turbine

Outside engine: steam engine and gas turbine engine

Common reciprocating piston internal combustion engine classification methods are as follows:

(1) by fuel classification: a diesel engine, gasoline engine, gas (including a variety of alternative fuels) machines.

(2) according to a cycle of the number of work cycle classification: a four-stroke internal combustion engine, two-stroke internal combustion engine.

(3) by fuel ignition: a compression internal combustion engine, ignition type internal combustion engine.

(4) by cooling: a water-cooled internal combustion engine, air-cooled internal combustion engine.

(5) According to the intake method classification: a natural suction internal combustion engine, Turborn internal combustion engine.

(6) according to the number of cylinders classification: a single cylinder internal combustion engine, multi-cylinder internal combustion engine.

(7) according to the cylinder classification: a series of internal combustion engine, V-type internal combustion engine, horizontal internal combustion engine, opposed cylinder internal combustion engine.

(8) by speed or piston average speed classification: a high-speed internal combustion engine; medium-speed internal combustion engine; low-speed internal combustion engine

(9) Classification by use: There are agricultural, automotive, engineering machinery, tractor, railway locomotive, marine and power generation and other internal combustion engines.
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